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About COOEE Hotels

Kyknos Beach Hotel & Bungalows is a proud member of the international hotel chain COOEE Hotels.

Taking into account your needs, the people of the DER Touristik Travel Group designed and created a new hotel brand, choosing with strict criteria specific hotels, exclusively for you. You are not the classic hotel guy. You need your space, but at the same time you need others around you and all this in a stylish environment. That is why, of course, the so-called design hotels began to be founded, most of which you may find interesting but they are not exactly your style. You have possibly spent a night in such hotels and even made some interesting friends, something very important for you, like the whole atmosphere but come on, now you are more demanding than ever, aren’t you?

You like to travel, you like to be by the sea, you like to have a pool that reminds you of an oasis, you don’t want a huge SPA with complex treatments and schedules, you don’t want to have strict rules regarding your food and drinks.

This is exactly the philosophy of the COOEE Hotels. You really want to enjoy nature and your free time – no matter where in the world you are.

COOEE [ku: ‘i] in the Aboriginal language of New Zealand means
“I’m here – where are you?”

With this motto, we are calling you! With us you will find the attitude of life that determines you. Here you will find the environment that suits your lifestyle. And people like you.

Our philosophy is based on 3 main pillars: YUMMY, LINKED, BALANCED.


The stylish COOEE Bistro is located in the heart of our facilities. It is made in such a way that the whole environment exudes the COOEE feeling. Enjoy delicious snacks or a refreshing drink by the pool with the wonderful mountain mass on the background and let yourself be taken away by the tranquil atmosphere that makes our hotel so unique.

Our main restaurant with the delicious buffet is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, see during all three of these meals your food being prepared in front of your eyes and decide whether you want to enjoy your choice, indoors in the airdonditioned area or on the terrace overlooking the pool? For each stay at our hotel, we offer a free dinner at our new à la carte restaurant, where you will enjoy unique dishes, inspired by different parts of the world.


With us you can easily get in touch with other visitors – in person or via your mobile device. With the MyCOOEE app and your smartphone or tablet, you always have access to all the information and experiences you need for the perfect vacation – designed for you, simple and very convenient. Find “your” event – or meet other people in our communities. And to be able to share your experiences directly online at #weareherewhereareyou, you are always connected with us everywhere. With free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel grounds.


the term means a balance between social activity and time for you. You will always find your favourite spot in our hotel. Whether you want to be alone or are in the mood for exciting meetings – our philosophy includes both. Escape from the stress of everyday life by reading a book in the hammock of our chill-out area. Beach volley on the beach or hiking in a gorge of Crete.

The perfect vacation for elegant requirements –
so unique that COOEE’s reputation will attract you at any time of the year.

But we must warn you:


COOEE – I’m here, where are you?