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Malia, Crete, Greece, 24 May 2021

Dear guests,

Last year was a very challenging one for the whole world. Nevertheless we managed to open up our hotel from day 1 ever since tourism in Greece started. We accommodated over 2000 guests following all health protocols for the control of Covid 19. The result was 100% successful with 0 cases throughout the year. This could not be achieved without the support and the loyalty from our whole team, but also from our dear guests who trusted us once more for their best time of the year!

This year we open up again on the 28th of May and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to our hotel so that we can finally meet again! We are constantly monitoring the evolutions in local level but also internationally and we are adapting our services and actions respectively, always following the instructions of the Greek national public health organization as well as the world health organization. Our experienced team is again very well trained recently, especially in health and safety issues and we can’t wait to see you all again and welcome you to sunny Crete.

In the short text that follows, you can read 10 of the most important measures we have taken in our hotel, in order to comply with the rules of public health. We ensure that our team and guests are safe and at the same time that you will enjoy a wonderful holiday.

1. Face masks are mandatory in Greece in closed and open public spaces. There is no obligation to use a mask for those sitting in a café or a restaurant as well as while sunbathing on a lounger at the pool or beach.

2. The buffets in the main restaurant of our hotel will continue to operate this year just like in the past. At the entrance of the buffet there will be hand disinfectants, the use of which is mandatory as well as one-use disposable gloves, which are also mandatory for our guests. After the visit to the buffet, at the exit there will be a glove dump bin and hand disinfectants will be used again. Bread and drinks are served by our restaurant staff at your table.

3. The minimum distance between the chairs in the restaurant and in the pool bar is 0.90 meters. Of course there are hand disinfectants for our guests on every table.

4. At the pool areas the minimum distance between the sunbeds are 2 meters. Families or guests who share the same room are not required to keep this minimum distance.

5. There can be a maximum of 1 person for every 5 m² in the pool, which means that the main pool can be used simultaneously by 46 guests and the children’s pool by 20.

6. The beaches of the island are available again and they look forward to welcoming you again. The minimum distance between the sunbeds on the beach and the pool is again 2m.

7. Check-in at the hotel is possible from 15.00 o’clock and check-out until 11.00 o’clock at the latest. The minimum time between the check-out and the check-in of the same room is 1 hour. Of course, the appropriate protocol regarding cleaning and disinfection is followed at each departure.

8. Our housekeeping team pays special attention to public areas and touch points such as public toilets, playground, elevators, lobby area, etc.

9. The Kyknaki Club, our children club will remain closed this year as unfortunately children’s activities are not allowed.

10. The hotel doctor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our guests and staff. Our medical center in Malia is only a 5 minute drive from the hotel. We are very happy to have such a good and reliable medical center so close to us. Our staff has been extensively trained to operate in accordance with the new protocols.

We have worked very hard in terms of infrastructure and training to obtain the HEALTH FIRST certificate, which is mandatory for the reopening of all hotels in Greece. Of course we will try throughout the year to offer our guests a beautiful and relaxing holiday at Kyknos Beach Hotel. The administration is in daily communication with government agencies and consultants (eg HSWC, Cretan Medicare, etc.) so that we can immediately adapt our operations and services according to any new requirements and protocols if necessary.

It is a great satisfaction and pride for us to announce the response of all whole team to the new conditions that have been created, displaying a great level of individual, social and professional responsibility. So far, all those who have had the opportunity to be vaccinated have already done so or have already booked their next vaccination appointment. Antigen tests are performed on a weekly basis by all of us.

We are now 100% ready to welcome our guests! Please contact us for any question or request.

We wish you all the very best and we hope to see you soon!


Vasilis Tsamandouras
Hotel manager

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