Gastronomy, buffet & a la carte restaurants, bars & more.


Gastronomy is the art and the science of food and culture with focus on gourmet cuisine. Greece has 4 secret keys: fresh ingredients, herbs and spices, pure olive oil and simplicity. Unique tastes, textures, structures and aromas are taking part on a feast of gastronomy.
Greek cuisine, with more than 4.000 years of history, is very rich in authentic flavors and aromas based on pure and unique quality goods of the greek land. Great variety of delicious and healthy dishes are able to satisfy all the sences of vegans, vegetarians, fish and meat lovers. Dozens of scientific researches show the positive effect of balanced greek nutrition for health, beauty and longevity.

Greek breakfast

Ancient Greek poet Archestratus (3rd centrury BC) considers to be the father of gastronomy. His humorous didactic poem Hedypatheia is assumed the first cookbook and gastronomy guide of history with many details of Mediterranean world.



The most important meal of the day is served every morning in our buffet restaurant. During breakfast a live cooking show is taking place for guests of all ages.




Salads, starters, main dishes, desserts, fruits, ice creams, drinks, beers and more are served for our guests while experienced staff is showing cooking tecniques to all.




Healthy dishes with low calories and full-course dinners are served every night. Beware of rich buffets as they can ruin your diet. In any case the final choice is only yours.

Buffet Restaurant

Our buffet restaurant with live cooking show offers daily a big variety of cretan, greek and international delicacies for vegans, vegeterians, fish and meat lovers. Make your own choices from many different starters, salads, main dishes, desserts, fruits and enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the non smoking air-conditioned hall or on the outdoor courtyard with pool view.

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A La Carte Restaurant

The a la carte restaurant can really make your dreams come true. Haute cuisine in a fancy place with pool view and relaxing music is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner under the stars. Exclusive dishes of Greek and international gastronomy are prepared at the time of your order while a great selection of wine and spirits is available to accompany your meal!


  • Opening hours 18:45-21:15.
  • Reservations are required to our maitre d’hotel.
  • Extra charges apply but all guests are eligible for one free visit during their stay.
  • No dress code or age limits.
  • The minimum age for alcohol consumption is 18 years.
  • A la carte restaurant is an open air space and smoking is allowed with a lot of respect for the others.
  • For the a la carte menu please click here.

Show Cooking

Live cooking delicious recipes in front of our guests thrice daily during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Watch your food preparation from our experienced staff and get in touch with raw materials and cooking techniques. Learn the secrets of authentic greek cuisine and impress your friends with your new cooking skills.


  • Watch the show thrice daily by the buffets of the restaurant.
  • Live cooking show during breakfast (07:00-10:30), lunch (12:30-14:30) & dinner (18:45-21:15).
  • No age limits, no skills and no extra payment is required.
  • Food prepared on cooking show can be safely consumed by guests.

Main Bar

The main bar of the hotel is located on the ground floor of the main building. Smart decoration, beautiful colours, smooth lighting and relaxing music are just the beggining. Coffees, beverages, soft drinks, juices, beers, wines, spirits and more are served in a fancy place from friendly and experienced staff.


  • Opening hours during breakfast (07:00-10:30), lunch (12:30-14:30) & dinner (18:45-21:15).
  • All drinks served in the main bar are free of charge for all guests and no extra changes can apply.
  • No reservations or dress code required.
  • No smoking policy applies to main bar.
  • The minimum age for alcohol consumption is 18 years.

Pool Bar

Big tables and comfortable chairs around the main pool are waiting our guests for a non-stop entertainment with modern music. Choose pergola and umbrellas for shadow or keep on tanning under the sun. Make your own free choices and enjoy your coffee, beverage, soft drink, juice, beer, wine, spirit and more by the pool from 10:00 in the morning till late at night.


  • Opening from 10:00 in the morning till late at night after leaving all guests.
  • All drinks served in the pool bar are free of charge for all guests till 23:00.
  • After 23:00 the pool bar remains open but orders are charged according to the official pricelist.
  • No reservations or dress code required.
  • The minimum age for alcohol consumption is 18 years.

Culinary Nights

All weekend nights are very special in Kyknos Beach Hotel & Bungalows. Theme nights of international gastronomy offer the chance for all to get in touch with different food cultures and flavors. Enjoy mexican or asian delicacies on Saturdays and italian or traditional greek cuisine on Sundays to extend your experiences and explore new foodways.


  • Culinary nights between 18:45-21:15 every Saturday and Sunday in the restaurant.
  • Mexican or asian cuisine on Saturdays and italian or traditional greek on Sundays.
  • Culinary events have no extra charge and are included in booking price.
  • No reservations or dress code required.